One of my focus is helping my clients transition towards a plant-powered lifestyle with ease and clarity. I am also passionate about inspiring people to make small but powerful changes in their everyday life. 

My goal is to help people feel their best.
I work with clients through my one-on-one coaching programs to guide them to their healthiest
and happiest selves.

I also work with brands and individuals in the lifestyle & wellness sector to create beautiful stories for their businesses as a content creator
(for press & brand enquiries contact me below)

Join me right here on my website and also Instagram in looking for the beauty in the every day and focusing on feeling good inside and out! 

I'm so happy you found me and my little piece of internet real estate. Let's start with the basics - my name is Tania!

I am half French, half British, I grew up in the French countryside, and moved to the UK when I was 18 to study Law. I was not meant to be a lawyer, between lectures I started writing this blog, 8 years ago! It opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me, and so after some soul searching, I found a new found passion in
nutrition and holistic health.

It all started as a personal journey, I wanted to feel good, and most of all I wanted to make sure that my lifestyle choices today were setting me up for a future full of vitality. 

I am now a holistic health coach & freelance content creator. I have a passion for easy vegan recipes, slow living, natural beauty, travelling and a do-you-best-zero-waste lifestyle.

lovely to meet you!

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