Matters of the Heart

  1. Rosie Reynolds says:

    Oh Tan. This is so beautiful. So v proud of, and inspired by your courage. Love love love you little lady. xxxxx

  2. Freya Dowson says:

    Oh my lovely, there is no worse pain than a broken heart. It’s so intense! But it doesn’t last too too long. When I broke up with my first boyfriend, Robert told me "this too shall pass". And it does πŸ™‚ Let’s make plans for after Sunday!! Oh wow, your life is about to get all kinds of exciting. Love you.xx

    • Tania Joy says:

      Robert was a wise man! Yes to plans (with cheese and wine) cannot wait to be back. I’m so excited! Love you too darling, like a LOT xxxx

  3. Naomi says:

    This was heartbreaking to read, but it was real! You are living, Tania and living is always going to be painful, but it will always beat being still and lifeless. All the cliches are true when it comes to break ups, following your heart, going on adventures… That’s why they’re cliches. Just remember that you are living and the year you had was something you don’t regret. It is scary, but this is exactly the sort of thing I am thinking about doing – moving abroad for a year somewhere. We tell ourselves not to get involved with anyone, but that’s not in our nature. Even though we want to find ourselves, we want someone to help us along the way, like you said, be a team.

    N xo

    • Tania Joy says:

      It’s very real. You’re so right! Living is not always pink and glamourous. It’s the best thing I’ve done so far, moving abroad that is. DO IT. Seriously, I encourage everyone to just go for it because it makes you grow so much.. and it’s fun! and you will meet AMAZING people. Being a team is a wonderful feeling.. as you said you can’t tell your heart what to do or not do! I wish you lots of courage to make the move, make plans, put a date in the diary and DO IT! πŸ˜‰ xx

  4. Emma says:

    I really admire you for posting this… I’m trying to open up more in my blog and I wish more bloggers would do it, it makes things so much more interesting and unique.

    • Tania Joy says:

      well thank you Emma! yep.. it’s not an easy one. I’m trying to be better at it.. I think it does make a difference, it’s the kind of thing I would like to read if I was going through something similar.. because you can truly relate to that person. You also suddenly realise that it’s a human behind it all you know? Practise, practise. Also writing to me is a real therapy, so if anything I’m doing it for me! x

  5. Ailish Goes says:

    It must have taken a fair bit of courage to post this, and you have written it so beautifully. Congratulations on all your achievements, you should be so proud of what you’ve done and for standing today with such positivity. I hope the next chapter of your life will be exciting and full of love. Ailish

    • Tania Joy says:

      Just a little…. I closed my eyes and clicked publish – there was no going back after that (almost) haha thank you Ailish. I am SO excited for this new chapter. sending love your way x

  6. Maja Moliere says:

    Beautiful, if heavy, words lady! The most exquisite pain there is, for sure. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things though!
    And I absolutely adore that picture of you on the top. So gorgeous.


    • Tania Joy says:

      HA it’s one for the books I think! I think I am doing something right, because it’s getting easier by the day. Thanks lady! catch up soon xxx

  7. Lou says:

    Beautifully written and that vulnerability is what makes you human and what makes people read along. It’s all part of the process and I hope that you get that glimpse of the pink fluffy cloud soon. Deep breath. Lou x

    • Tania Joy says:

      Thanks Lou! I’m happy you think that πŸ™‚ I am a real human (WHO KNEW) I can see a twinkle in the distance πŸ˜‰ xx

  8. Ashleigh says:

    Hi Tania, I too went through something very similar. It’s a true blessing to be open. Never let the world make you hard. Sending you lots of love. Ashleigh
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    • Tania Joy says:

      Never. I’ve got too many feelings for that I think haha but you’re right, being sensitive, sometimes overly sensitive is a blessing (not always felt like one though) I feel it all! I’d rather that than being as cold as a rock. love to you x

  9. Mel. says:

    A gorgeous vulnerable post lovely. So encouraging too, I think it’s an amazing perspective to look back on your year, take all the good and lessons from the bad.

    Sending you love, Mel.

    • Tania Joy says:

      Thank you darling Mel! I hope it is, I don’t want it to be a sad and depressing story, it’s a lesson, and if it can motivate one person then my job is DONE! x

  10. Shannon says:

    Such a beautiful read. Thank you for sharing your bittersweet story with us. You sound so incredibly brave and optimistic. Not to mention your writing is so truthful and honest. -Shannon

    • Tania Joy says:

      I try to be anyway.. πŸ™‚ thank you for saying that, it means a lot! it wasn’t an easy one to write, but I truly spoke with my heart, so I’m glad you’re seeing it that way x

  11. christine r says:

    You are so brave Tania! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  12. Nina says:

    Thanks for sharing, a wonderful post!

  13. Sabrina says:

    Wow. There is nothing more to say than wow. Especially because the same happened to me.
    Australia. Almost two years I have been there, loving life, loving an Australian boy with passion.
    In October last year I have had to go back home.
    I am still fighting against it, dont understand it, want to be back with him.
    But he is moving on and thats alright.
    Thats fine.
    I left him on the airport, being his girlfriend.
    I arrived back home. Being just a friend.

    Unfortunately it was me who couldnt handle it, wherefor we cut off contact.
    But I am not sad, its good. Because I finally start to move on.
    I am happy, because we have had those wonderful 18 month together.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Tania Joy says:

      Dear Sabrina, thank you for sharing your story with me. sounds like we were in a similar boat! It’s never easy.. it’s hard to see clearly when you feel hurt but as you say it’s all for the best. I beleive everything happens for a reason.. There is always someone who’s moving on faster than the other, that’s life, we all react differently, but concentrate on YOU. Be selfish, do what makes YOU happy, surround yourself with love, have fun! Sometimes a love story isn’t meant to last forever, and that’s fine. It doesn’t make it less beautiful. I hope you feel better soon, time time time! love and hugs to you darling x

  14. Dutchess Roz says:

    Beautiful post darling and so true. Never regret anything and better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all. It’s all experience and who knows where life will take you. Looking forward to hopefully catching up in London soon. Lots of love xoxo Roz

    • Tania Joy says:

      thanks sweet girl! you’re totally right.. life is an adventure! let’s catch up real soon, I’m back! tea or breakfast soon xxx

  15. Natasha says:

    so beautifully written and so incredibly true. I know exactly how you feel, really I do. And the one thing I can promise you – it gets easier. Day by day. lots of love and big hugs. xo

  16. Lindsay says:

    You’re very brave for posting this. I shy away from talking about my personal life on my blog and often wonder if I should be sharing more and if people would judge my decisions or even judge me for sharing. I guess it doesn’t matter at all. Writing is therapeutic as your conclusion shows. I’m glad you’ve taken so much away from your experiences and you are seeing the best in everything. There is so much more to come and experiences like there are the ones that shape us.

    • Tania Joy says:

      My thoughts exactly. Heartbreak is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s maybe not all pink and glittery, and might not appeal to everyone but it’s something I had to share, because after all this place is like my journal. I couldn’t leave it out, it wouldn’t have been real of me to pretend everything is ok when it really isn’t (it’s getting much better though!) writing is definitely my therapy, it helps me see things clearly πŸ™‚ x

  17. This is such a profound and heartfelt post. Kudos to you for posting it! I’ve always shied away from posting personal things like this, but I think it’s a really good idea to connect and empathise with your readers and also to get it out of your system. I really admire you for your bravery and courage in moving to Australia and building a life, even knowing you had to leave. You go girl! Break ups are always hard no matter if you leave on good terms, time is the only healer…which I hate people saying when I’m brokenhearted, but later on always come to remember, is true. πŸ™‚ But you sound like you’re doing very well. Big hug! x

    • Tania Joy says:

      Oh thanks Lulu! I hesitated for a long time.. but I felt like I wouldn’t show the whole picture if I didn’t. It’s an important chapter in my life, that I couldn’t leave out. I also think that everyone has gone through heartbreak at some point.. it’s nothing to be ashamed of πŸ™‚ Thank you lovely Lulu, big hug to you ! x

  18. Caroline L. says:

    Props to you for taking a risk, jumping from the cliff, and finding your wings on the way down. Not many people are brave enough to do that!

  19. Sophie Learmont says:

    xxx proud of you!

  20. Megan Denton says:

    One day at a time, and maybe a glass or two of wine in between. It will all work out πŸ™‚

  21. Lisa Thomson says:

    Sending you hugs!

  22. Georgia says:

    Well, first off, my thoughts are with you. I went through that awful heartbreak abroad thing when I lived in Greece- would not recommend it. Hurts like nothing ever hurt before. But in case you’re still in that phase where you’re constantly wondering ‘how will I ever get through this?’ let me just say that you will. You will feel content, and happy, and like your old self again. Maybe a little wiser, ever so slightly more worldly, but you will feel normal. Here’s hoping it happens sooner rather than later, but time really does heal all things.

    • Tania Joy says:

      Sweet Georgia. thank you, thank you for this beautiful comment. Seriously, it means so much.. It hurts in places you didn’t even know existed right? but as you said it is getting better, and the pain is disapearing slowly! xx

  23. Rosie McKay says:

    Beautifully and eloquently written Tania.
    You are right, a good support network can get you through pretty much anything, and I am lucky to have one now as I battle through a hard time.

    Rosie x

    • Tania Joy says:

      Dear Rosie, thank you for your lovely words.. It does, friends and family are so important, fun activities are too! I hope you feel better soon whatever you are going through – this is just a phase, it will get better. IT WILL! sending you lots of love and hugs xx

  24. sophia says:

    Love is everything! Dear Tania. Those lines are put down very beautifuly. I feel with you even as a stranger and you have everything within you to come out of this as a stronger person.

  25. Shona says:

    This is beautiful! It’s lovely to hear Bali is the haven it’s made out to be. I’m in Australia on a years visa right now and although it has been tough and a roller-coaster of ups and downs, I’m so glad I’ve done it.

    Shona x

    • Tania Joy says:

      Isn’t it the best?? I miss it enourmously. I wish I could move Australia closer to Europe.. Have fun, enjoy every moment, go on adventures! x

  26. Emma says:

    This gave me goosebumps! You are not alone, never forget that, and what a beautiful post! I’m a new follower of yours but without a doubt I will be sticking around, your words are a true joy to read.

  27. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Tania what a beautifully written post. Your honesty is so raw, refreshing and beautiful. Such a moving piece of writing. I just got a job offer today to move to a new country, new city where I know absolutely no one and reading your piece just resonated with me and makes me even more excited for the future. Hope you are well and having a fabulous day X

  28. Rachida says:

    What a wonderful post!

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