Some Farm Friends, Carrot Cake & a bubble bath

  1. anonymous says:

    That moss covered tree! The animals! THAT CAKE!
    I love it all.

    You capture these images so well, I almost feel like I am there 🙂

  2. anonymous says:

    Totally agree with Leah….. The gorgeous cake and the cute little lambs make that whole walk worthwhile 🙂
    Don't apologise for having 3 posts about the weekend, I'm stuck in a city in Spain – so I love anything that reminds me of home!x x x

  3. anonymous says:

    Errrrmahgeerrrrdd! I can't even handle this cold. Hawaii here I come. I miss having animals around too. I've never not lived with an animal until I moved to London and it just makes me so sad that I can't have a dog. I've been trying to convince my work to let me bring a dog into the office so that I wouldn't have to leave it alone all day, but so far I've not had much luck. Apparently some people are allergic/afraid. Like that's even a reason!

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  6. anonymous says:


  7. anonymous says:

    Is that city in spain a little warmer than London though?! I'll send you some rain to remind you of home and you can send me some sunshine back… deal? 😉

  8. anonymous says:

    I am seriously considering Hawaii. This is not funny anymore.
    Oh how I wish my work would let me bring a dog in the office too… One day! I'll make it happen, the solution is probably being my own boss I guess… working on it! XX

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It has been over 5 weeks now (editor’s note : by the time this is published it has been over 8 weeks..!) and I am only just finding the time, and energy to sit down and write our birth story down. I have been worried that the details will slowly escape me, and I really […]

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