Should I stay or should I go?

  1. kristyn says:

    hey tania!

    i started my blog as a wordpress, but switched to blogger this july after months of frustration. wordpress doesn't allow the same type of marketing and freedom that blogger does (it was almost impossible to add "buttons" or any outside ads)–unless you purchase a private domain. i accumulated 90 "followers" in only 3 months, but most of them were people who just "click" things to get views, or sometimes it was spam. i was frustrated because even though i had a decent amount of followers, no one was actually reading my blog. the stats were hard to decipher, and the dashboard for wordpress is very complicated. my blog wasn't reaching people like i had hoped, and i was limited in my blog design unless i wanted to shell out a good bit of money for another host-site (wordpress doesn't allow you to add CSS).
    i made the decision to switch to blogger in july and haven't looked back since. blogger freely allows you to customize your blog a bit more, or at least utilize someone's services without charging you to pick up a new host-site or private domain. although i'm still building readers, i have people who actually care about my blog, who i am, and what i write–im creating real relationships and feel like i'm making an impact on this blogging world.
    it was easy to switch over my content (once i searched online for how to do it), but i did lose those supposed "90 followers." my content and comments stayed, thought some of my pictures don't show up in early posts anymore.
    it's completely a personal decision/preference, but i just thought i'd let you know my blogging story! you have to decide what's most important for you. i know there are quite a few popular wordpress blogs (those which paid for outside-hosting and such), but it seems like blogger blogs are more widely-read. good luck with your decision! 🙂


  2. Tyne Swedish says:

    I started blogging on various blogs using wordpress and I knew when I wanted to blog seriously I wanted to use blogger. WordPress is great and offers a great deal of options but I almost feel too many options. And they can be difficult to contact and work with. I enjoy bloggers freedom in the fact that my blog looks just as I want it too and I can do everything I need right here. Not being bombarded with new themes every other day and never being able to find out any real answers to issues I have. I just feel like wordpress was fun while I was discovering what blogging was and what I wanted from the platform but blogger is where adults blog. I hope you make the decision however that is right for you. Some very successful blogs use wordpress and tumblr and typepad and a great deal of options and rock it. So it really has to be your choice doll! I say make a fake blog and try wordpress out. See if you want a free or a which costs that way.


  3. Camille says:

    I have been thinking about that as well. Nooo idea what to do. I am worried about messing everyyyything up if I move. Ha. Might be a silly worry b/c I will figure it out, but I don't like change. I have heard that wordpress is the place to be though.


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It has been over 5 weeks now (editor’s note : by the time this is published it has been over 8 weeks..!) and I am only just finding the time, and energy to sit down and write our birth story down. I have been worried that the details will slowly escape me, and I really […]

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Lyla’s Birth Story

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